Tutorial Section?

I am not sure where to ask this but… will there be a tutorial section?


Yes. I’d like to know that too. We used to be able to attach a pdf tutorial to a post and it would be great if we could do that again.
Oh and Happy Birthday Wishing you many :gift: :gift::gift:

I was wondering this, too!

I’ve been wondering where/how to share tutorials too.

Maybe under the relevant “discussions and questions” section, and add a “tutorial” tag?

Definitely get to sharing tutorials. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Include them in your completed project posts. The search here is very powerful, so if your completed project post contains a tutorial or pattern, always be sure to say so in your text or title.

Still working through the details of an awesome tutorials designation, level, etc. I currently have PDF uploads disabled, but they will be an option in the future.


I have a pdf embroidery pattern I made ready to upload - should I email it to you again @sweets4ever? or should I wait until we can do uploads? (no urgency, I know you are a busy person, and I don’t want to create extra work) Thanks :smiley:

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Ohh, is it what I think it is? If it is, I am so ready for it! It’s super dreamy, you are such a sweetheart to think of sharing it!

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Yes, if you’re thinking of the “find your way home” Rumi quote! :smiley:

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Yes, please email it to me! Still working out a few details for uploads, but definitely don’t want to delay your sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: At this rate, you are going to be our first official Tutorial Author, too! :raised_hands:

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Hey, I have @jemimah’s Rumi quote embroidery project bookmarked to try but don’t see the PDF option. Will that be allowed sometime soon?

No date scheduled yet as it needs finessed a bit for our purpose, but it’s in the works.