CLOSED - Nerd Games - Winter 2023

Welcome to the Nerd Games!

Runs January 1, 2023 - March 31, 2023

This is a craftalong where nerdy crafters all over the world can share our projects and give each other encouragement - that’s really all there is to it! If you feel you might be a nerd, or enjoy some nerdy things of any kind, or if you’re just nerdy about crafting, you’re more than welcome here!


Simply make any craft, take photos of it, and post them in this group with the following header, which will be explained below:

Prompt: (Write the name of the prompt you are entering your craft for here. Don’t forget to include the month!)
Team: (Choose one of three, listed below)
Project Name: (Name your craft anything you like; fanciful titles or simple labels/descriptions are all fine)
Project Link: (Paste the link to your community post for the bonus points)
Brief Description: (Tell us anything you’d like to about the craft, such as how you made it, and why it fits the prompt.)
Project Photo(s): (Post photos of your awesome craft here, so we can ooh and aah over it!)


There are three teams to choose from, and no requirements for joining any of them; simply choose one that speaks to you, put the team name in your first project header, and presto - you’re a member! You will remain on the same team for the entire season. You may change teams in future seasons.

  • Team Running With Scissors :scissors:
  • Team Knotty By Nature :yarn:
  • Team Bits and Bobs :thread:

Either type in your team name, or use the emojis to indicate your team!


Prompts will be posted on a monthly basis in the post below. Please choose a prompt. Monthly battles are the only time sensitive prompts. The non-battle prompts are open for the entire season. See THE POINTS section below for point values and several additional crafting opportunities for each of your crafts. You can craft specifically to fit the prompts, or you can craft first and then find a prompt to fit it into. We’re pretty lax about slightly stretched interpretations of the prompts; just explain in your description how it fits!

  • Monthly prompts will close at 11:59pm Central Time on the last day of the current month.


We are trying to keep things simple, so there will only be one type of bonus point available. COMMUNITY POINTS will be given when you post a link to a post you’ve made within the Lettuce Craft community, and will be worth 20 bonus points for each project shared. Please be sure to participate in the entire community and not just in the craftalong!


This competition is just for fun and the points are for nothing more than motivation and bragging rights, but go ahead and rack up points by posting projects for you team! Points break down as follows:

  • Monthly battles and prompts: 20 points each (must take at least 30 minutes of crafting time)
  • Free Range: 20 points each (must take at least 30 minutes of crafting time. Up to six allowed per season
  • Big Time projects: 50 points each (must take at least 5 hours of crafting time. Up to three allowed per season)
  • Zaps: 10 points each (any craft that takes less than 30 minutes to make. Up to five allowed per season)
  • Research Projects: 100 points (must take at least 20 hours of crafting time. Up to two per season)
  • Bonus Points: COMMUNITY bonus points (worth 20 extra per project) are the only bonus opportunity available at this time.

Special Note:
All prompts are supposed to be crafted within the current season. However, we have decided to make an exception to this rule. Let’s say you craft something for a swap near the end of the Summer season. You’ve sent the swap package, but it hasn’t been received yet. Fall season begins, your partner has received their swap item, and you are ready to post. You may go ahead and post your project from the previous season for the current season.


  • Players must craft to the best of their abilities and have a minimum of 30 minutes of crafting time per submission, unless otherwise noted.
  • A project can only be submitted for one prompt or crafting opportunity.
  • A project does NOT have to be "nerdy,” it only has to fulfill the prompt as you see fit.
  • Submitted projects must be started and completed during the current season, unless otherwise noted.
  • There is SO MUCH to do in the Nerd Games. Do not feel like you have to craft everything. Do what inspires you.
  • We welcome all players from the Nerdyverse, no matter their Geekdom. We even welcome non-nerds!
  • We are never mean.
  • We never exclude someone.
  • We will keep it clean-ish (PG-13).
  • Never hesitate in contacting the Gamemakers (@storerboughtcreation or @Smeddley) with your questions, concerns, or ideas.

Previous Seasons:

Fall 2022
Summer 2022
Spring 2022
Winter 2022
Fall 2021
Summer 2021
Spring 2021
Winter 2021
Fall 2020
Summer 2020
Spring 2020
Winter 2020


Team Roster and Tracking

Please post your projects with the following header:

Prompt: (Write the name of the prompt you are entering your craft for here. Don’t forget to include the month!)
Team: (Choose one of three, listed above) *
Project Name: (Name your craft anything you like; fanciful titles or simple labels/descriptions are all fine) *
Project Link: (Paste the link to your community post for the bonus points) *
Brief Description: (Tell us anything you’d like to about the craft, such as how you made it, and why it fits the prompt .)**
Project Photo(s): (Post photos of your awesome craft here, so we can ooh and aah over it!) *

January Battle: Reflecting on the Past vs Planning for the Future - CLOSED
February Battle: Moon vs Sun - CLOSED
March Battle: Complimentary vs Contrasting

January theme: Resolutions and Goals - love them or hate them, they are a big thing for a lot of people, and so common this time of year!

  1. Be happier - Craft something that helps improve your happiness, brings a smile to your face as you’re crafting it, or is yellow or striped.
  2. Reduce stress - Finish off a WIP that’s hanging over your head, craft something that helps you manage your stress (when it’s finished or as you’re working on it), or is red or polka dotted.
  3. Travel or get outside more - Craft something that represents a favorite travel destination/outdoor activity, can be used for travel or outdoors, or is blue or fluffy.
  4. Save money - Craft something entirely from your stash, or something that will help you save money, or is green or made of paper.
  5. Try a new hobby - Craft something using a new material, tool, or technique, or something that is silver, shiny, or metal.

February theme: since February is a 28 day month (most years) coinciding with a lunar cycle, this month it’s all about the moon!

  1. Waxing - Craft something that is larger than usual, uses wax (or other slippery supplies), or is light grey or splotchy.
  2. Waning - Craft something that is smaller than usual, is a part of something else, or is dark grey or spotted.
  3. New - Craft something that is new to you (supplies. method, pattern), is the beginning of a larger project, or is black or a single solid color.
  4. Full - Craft something that is bright, white, or round.
  5. Blue - Craft something that is part of a set of two, has two pieces, uses two very different supplies, or is blue or striped.

March theme: March 1st is National Compliment Day! AND March is National Craft Month. So let’s merge the two and make some feel-good crafts this month!

  1. If Pets Had Thumbs Day (Mar 3) - Craft something for or inspired by a special fuzzy (scaly, feathery, etc) someone in your life, or something that is fuzzy, feathery, or brown.
  2. Get Over it Day (Mar 9) Craft something that helps someone with a problem or issue they have, or something that will make someone feel better, or something that is striped or blue.
  3. Plant a Flower Day (Mar 12) - Craft something that makes the world a prettier place, is for the garden or houseplants, has flowers on it, is green or has polka dots.
  4. International Waffle Day (Mar 25) - Craft something you’ve been on the fence about for awhile, or something edible, or something square, boxy, or beige.
  5. Weed Appreciation Day (Mar 28) - Craft something that is natural, something that not everyone loves or appreciates but can be beneficial, has a face only a mother could love, is swirly or is green. Long live dandelions! (as if we have a choice)

Pin Prize Collection

We’re continuing the Nerd Games enamel pin collection! Each season you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to three enamel pins. Each pin will be different, and every season the pins offered will be different. Try to collect them all, or have fun picking and choosing ones to work toward!


In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the Nerd Games, there will be special pin events throughout the year where you can earn additional pins. Check back here each season.

Super Nerd: Participate in every Nerd Games season this year by submitting at least one project in each round (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall). (You will claim this pin in December 2023).


Grab Bag: Complete at least one of each type of prompt throughout the season (1 Monthly Battle, 1 Monthly Prompt, 1 Free Range, 1 Big Time, 1 Zap, 1 Research Project.).

The Fast & The Craftious: Complete at least 25 projects of any kind throughout the season.

Cheerleader: Thoughtfully comment on AND like at least 20 posts in this season’s thread. (They don’t necessarily have to be the same projects.)


The votes are in! Here are the pins that are up for grabs this season:

Once you have completed the prize requirements, send the below submission form to LovelyMiss via private message.

Prizes will be sent after the season ends.

Pin Event Submission Form

I am claiming: (Grab Bag/The Fast & The Craftious/Cheerleader)

I attest that I have completed the requirements for the Pin Event(s) I am claiming: Yes/No

My name and mailing address (as it should be formatted for sending, including country) are:



Each season this year, we’re having extra events to celebrate 10 years of nerdy crafting and our awesome community.


Each player that submits at least 10 projects during the season will be automatically entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card. The drawing will take place after the season ends and the winner will be notified via private message. If they do not respond within three days, a new winner will be selected. The winner must provide their email address for electronic delivery of the gift card.


Let’s answer some Nerd Games Trivia! Every active player who submits all correct answers will receive a small physical prize. To be an active player, you must have submitted at least one project this season.

Please do not share answers!

To enter:
Send the following trivia quiz with your answers to LovelyMiss via private message before 11:59 pm on March 31, 2023.

What year did the Nerd Games start?

a.) 2016
b.) 1999
c.) 2003
d.) 2013

What were the teams in the original Nerd Battles?

a.) Wordy, Textbook, Multimedia, Fandom, Randomizer
b.) Books, Science, TV & Movies, Games, Music
c.) Letters, Numbers, Colors
d.) Team 1, Team 2, Team 3

Who created/hosted the first season of the Nerd Games?

a.) StorerBoughtCreations
b.) Smeddley
c.) pinkleo
d.) LovelyMiss

How many prompts are usually posted for a specific month?
a.) 7
b.) 6
c.) 10
d.) 4

Which of these was NEVER a bonus points opportunity?

a.) Community
b.) Giver
c.) WIP It
d.) Take 5

Which of these was NEVER a crafting opportunity?

a.) Red Alert
b.) UFO Sighting
c.) Friendship Wins
d.) Brownie Points

True of false: In early Nerd Battles/Games seasons, you could earn digital badges for completing projects.

True of false: There has never been a Nerd Games mascot.

True or false: You used to have to propose a plan ahead of time for any Research Projects you wanted to complete during a season.

True of false: You love the Nerd Games.

Your name and address as it should be formatted for mailing:


Prompt: January - Save Money
Team: :yarn:
Project Name: trivet
Project Link:
Brief Description: I made a large trivet for my parents new table. It should easily fit a 13x9 inch casserole dish. I used stash for this entire project.
Project Photo(s):

Prompt: Zap
Team: :yarn:
Project Name: coasters
Project Link:
Brief Description: these two coasters took me less than 10 minutes to make
Project Photo(s):


I interrupt this normally scheduled programing to announce…it’s time to VOTE for our current challenges!!

Green Holiday Greens

Great Lettuce Craft Bake Off!


How did those take you less than 10 minutes? For both of them or each?! I never stop being astounded with your skill!


I was thinking that, too… 10 minutes??? Even 10 minutes EACH would be amazing!


Prompt: January Battle- Reflecting on the Past
Team: Running With Scissors
Project Name: NeverMore the paper raven
Project Link: NeverMore the paper raven
Brief Description: In the poem, The Raven, the author is thinking of the past and about his dearly departed love.
Project Photo(s):


I love “The Raven” and this raven!

1 Like

Lol @LovelyMiss and @Bunny1kenobi. It took me less than 10 minutes to make both. It’s just four rounds of hdc, starting with 12 hdc in a magic ring, then increasing every row. Just a simple project. Each ring of the trivet I made took me about four minutes. It took me longer to sew together than actually crochet.


I also love The Raven. It’s my favorite poem. :hearts: This project is amazing!


Thanks, guys!


@storerboughtcreation - Your trivets are neat and I adore a useful craft! Your trivets are cute and I have a dish scrubby that looks like them. Dual purpose!

@Bunny1kenobi - That raven is so cool! why doesn’t it have it’s own post?! That is amazing!
Um, it does. Add your link girl! Get those points. Ha!


Prompt: Jan - Save Money
Team: Running w Scissors
Project Name: Cat notebook
Project Link: Cat Notebook
Brief Description: The notebook is green and it’s made of paper, lots of paper!
Project Photo(s):


Prompt: January - Battle - Past
Team: Running with Scissors
Project Name: Skull notebook
Project Link: Skull Notebook
Brief Description: A little 4x4 notebook that I decorated the cover by painting on. This person is obviously from the PAST since they are now a skull. :wink:
Project Photo(s):


That is one happy looking skull :hearts:


I seriously dig that Skull, but the kitty is cute, too!


Prompt: Planning for the Future (January Battle)
Team: Running with Scissors
Project Name: Just Start art journal page
Project Link: N/A
Brief Description: “Just start” implies action toward a future goal. Also, this was the first page in a new art journal, not the one I’d worked in in the past.
Project Photo(s):