CLOSED: Nerd Games - Summer 2021

Welcome to the Nerd Games!

Runs July 1, 2021 - September 30, 2021

This is a craftalong where nerdy crafters all over the world can share our projects and give each other encouragement - that’s really all there is to it! If you feel you might be a nerd, or enjoy some nerdy things of any kind, or if you’re just nerdy about crafting, you’re more than welcome here!


Simply make any craft, take photos of it, and post them in this group with the following header, which will be explained below:

Prompt: (Write the name of the prompt you are entering your craft for here. Don’t forget to include the month!)
Team: (Choose one of four, listed below)
Project Name: (Name your craft anything you like; fanciful titles or simple labels/descriptions are all fine)
Project Link: (Paste the link to your community post for the bonus points)
Brief Description: (Tell us anything you’d like to about the craft, such as how you made it, and why it fits the prompt .)
Project Photo(s): (Post photos of your awesome craft here, so we can ooh and aah over it!)


There are four teams to choose from, and no requirements for joining any of them; simply choose one that speaks to you, put the team name in your first project header, and presto - you’re a member! You will remain on the same team for the entire season. You may change teams in future seasons.

  • Team Running with Scissors: :scissors: Maybe you like to craft with fabric or paper.
  • Team Knotty by Nature: :yarn: Maybe you like to knit, crochet, or macramé.
  • Team Palettable Art: :art: Maybe you like to draw or paint. Or just love color.
  • Team Bits and Bobs: :thread:Maybe you like working with various notions, or have varied crafting interests.

Either type in your team name, or use the emojis to indicate your team!


Prompts will be posted on a monthly basis in the post below. Please choose a prompt. Monthly battles are the only time sensitive prompts. The non-battle prompts are open for the entire season. See THE POINTS section below for point values and several additional crafting opportunities for each of your crafts. You can craft specifically to fit the prompts, or you can craft first and then find a prompt to fit it into. We’re pretty lax about slightly stretched interpretations of the prompts; just explain in your description how it fits!

  • Monthly prompts will close at 11:59pm Central Time on the last day of the current month.


We are trying to keep things simple, so there will only be one type of bonus point available. COMMUNITY POINTS will be given when you post a link to a post you’ve made within the Lettuce Craft community, and will be worth 20 bonus points for each project shared. Please be sure to participate in the entire community and not just in the craftalong!


This competition is just for fun and the points are for nothing more than motivation and bragging rights, but go ahead and rack up points by posting projects for you team! Points break down as follows:

  • Monthly battles and prompts: 20 points each (must take at least 30 minutes of crafting time)
  • Free Range: 20 points each (must take at least 30 minutes of crafting time. Up to six allowed per season
  • Big Time projects: 50 points each (must take at least 5 hours of crafting time. Up to three allowed per season)
  • Zaps: 10 points each (any craft that takes less than 30 minutes to make. Up to five allowed per season)
  • Research Projects: 100 points (must take at least 20 hours of crafting time. Up to two per season)
  • Bonus Points: COMMUNITY bonus points (worth 20 extra per project) are the only bonus opportunity available at this time.

Special Note:
All prompts are supposed to be crafted within the current season. However, we have decided to make an exception to this rule. Let’s say you craft something for a swap near the end of the Summer season. You’ve sent the swap package, but it hasn’t been received yet. Fall season begins, your partner has received their swap item, and you are ready to post. You may go ahead and post your project from the previous season for the current season.


  • Players must craft to the best of their abilities and have a minimum of 30 minutes of crafting time per submission, unless otherwise noted.
  • A project can only be submitted for one prompt or crafting opportunity.
  • A project does NOT have to be "nerdy,” it only has to fulfill the prompt as you see fit.
  • Submitted projects must be started and completed during the current season, unless otherwise noted.
  • There is SO MUCH to do in the Nerd Games. Do not feel like you have to craft everything. Do what inspires you.
  • We welcome all players from the Nerdyverse, no matter their Geekdom. We even welcome non-nerds!
  • We are never mean.
  • We never exclude someone.
  • We will keep it clean-ish (PG-13).
  • Never hesitate in contacting the Gamemakers (@storerboughtcreation or @Smeddley) with your questions, concerns, or ideas.


Please post your projects with the following header:

Prompt: (Write the name of the prompt you are entering your craft for here. Don’t forget to include the month!)

Team: (Choose one of four, listed below)*

Project Name: (Name your craft anything you like; fanciful titles or simple labels/descriptions are all fine)*

Project Link: (Paste the link to your community post for the bonus points)*

Brief Description: (Tell us anything you’d like to about the craft, such as how you made it, and why it fits the prompt .)**

Project Photo(s): (Post photos of your awesome craft here, so we can ooh and aah over it!)*

Battle Royale Prompt

Choose a side and craft a project to represent your choice. Must be completed within the month of issue, by 11:59 om, Central US time, on the last day of the month. Players may only submit one project per month/Battle. Battle Royale prompts are worth 20 points each and are eligible for all available Bonus Point opportunities.

  • July Battle: Hotels vs RVs - CLOSED
  • August Battle: Wide Ruled vs Narrow Ruled - CLOSED
  • September Battle: Pumpkin vs Spice

Challenge Prompts

Even I, the hermit of all hermits, is starting to think a vacation would be nice about now… I mean, just a day trip, but still!

  • Ski vacation - craft something for the cold, that is white, or uses long, flat sticks.
  • Beach vacation - craft something for the heat, that uses sand or water, or is tan.
  • Hiking vacation - craft something rugged, or utilitarian, or is green.
  • City vacation - craft something that is colorful, bright, or related to museums or restaurants.
  • Staycation - craft something for around the house, or something you’ve been meaning to do for a long time.

August Theme - back to school!
The best part of back to school time is always the school supplies. Even well over 20 years out of school with no kids, I still have to go up and down those aisles at the store…

  • Glue stick - craft something that sticks to something else, is blue or white, or uses glue.
  • Scissors - craft something sharp, grey, or metal, or something that requires scissors to make.
  • Pencil box - craft something rectangular or something used to store something else.
  • Binder - craft something made with paper, something that is used to organize something else, or something made of several parts put together.
  • Ruler - craft something long and thin, or made of wood, or something that requires precise measurements.

September Theme: Okay, I put off doing this until I started my PATT with a bang and a very large bottle of Pumpkin Porter, soooo… this is going to be interesting at best! But is it FALL and PUMPKIN season and I don’t care if it’s been a theme before it’s PUMPKIN ALL THE THINGS time!

  • Pumpkin Spice Pie - craft something that is a multiple of 3(.14159265359… or thereabouts), is baked, or is round.
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte - craft something that is brown, or hot, or uses steam or hot water.
  • Pumpkin Patch - craft something that is a patch/repair, is grown, or is in multiples.
  • Pumpkin Bread - craft something that is baked, or brown, or contains multiple types of ingredients (mixed media!)
  • Pumpkin Booze - FREE FOR ALL CRAFT SPACE! Craft like you just don’t care! This prompt brought to you by the aforementioned very large bottle of pumpkin beer…

Tracking and Teams

This is where you can view the team roster and see what you’ve completed so far this season. To view your checklist, find your name under your team and click on it. You will be taken directly to your checklist.

Please don’t hesitate to message me if you see a project is missing from your checklist after the most recent tracking update is posted.


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OK, now I finally think I have a handle on how the Nerd Games work. WOW! I can’t wait to watch this unfold over the summer!


It’s much simpler than it seems! Just craft something, find a prompt that it fits under, and use the project header to post with your info and pic of your project. It’s that easy! We’d love for you to join us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m sure it’s a lot of fun! I always have my projects planned way ahead, so meeting a challenge topic or prompt is usually not something I can do.

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I am definitely inspired by many of the prompts. But sometimes I find ways to make a project fit (we love to stretch prompts around here :grin:) if you want an example of prompt stretching, my rubber duck blanket I posted at the end of the spring season is a good example :blush:

Sometimes you just can’t make something fit, which is why we have free range, zaps, research, and big time projects available. Also, you don’t have to craft everything. You can participate as much as you’d like. So if you ever do decide to join, please jump on in! :hearts:


I stretch prompts to the breaking point at least once a season and haven’t been thrown out yet :laughing:.


Hahahaha! I would never kick anyone out. I may ask “how on earth did you go from point A to point J, but only because I find it interesting how others think :blush:


Prompt: July - Hiking vacation
Team: Knotty by Nature
Project Name: Altered Applin card
Project Link: Gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon ATCs - #20 by roler
Brief Description: Here’s my second ever altered Pokémon card, made with paint pens. This looks like a scene you might see during a hiking vacation in Galar!
Project Photo(s):

Prompt: July Battle - Hotel
Team: Knotty by Nature
Project Name: Nessie Hoop
Project Link: Cryptozoological Swap Gallery - #138 by EriChanHime
Brief Description: I made this Nessie hoop for EriChanHime in the cryptid swap. I chose this view because my family and I actually went to Loch Ness, and when we traveled around Scotland, we stayed in several hotels.
Project Photo(s):

(How’s that for stretching a prompt, @TheMistressT?) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


omg. This. :rofl:


Seriously, some of the best projects are posted here and never seen “out there”…love this and the HP Games as well for inspiration and eye-popping projects!


Can I post my summer site challenge post as prompts this month here similar to swap exceptions? I made lots of sets of notecards last month, but had to hold off sharing until July to be eligible for the sitewide challenge.

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Absolutely! Share away! I think that’s close enough to swap exceptions.

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I’m going to stick with team Running With Scissors!

Prompt: July: Hiking Vacation
Team: Running With Scissors
Prompt: Fish Notecards
Brief Description: The masterboard backgrounds are green! Also, you can find fish on a hike if you are also fishing!
Project Photo:

Prompt: July: City Vacation
Team: Running With Scissors
Project: Hummingbird Notecards
Brief Description: I was going to go with “because it’s colorful,” but a google search for “hummingbird museum” takes me to this hummingbird exhibit in Arizona, so the more you know!
Project Photo:

Prompt: July: Ski Vacation
Team: Running With Scissors
Project: Puffin Notecards
Brief Description: They are also on white notecards, but better yet…puffins can be found in cold weather atmosphere, ta da!
Project Photo:

Project: July: Beach Vacation
Team Running With Scissors
Project: Cactus Notecards
Brief Description: Cacti live in hot climates, and I stamped them on white paper!
Project Photo:

Prompt: July: Staycation
Team: Running With Scissors
Project: Bon Voyage Notecards
Brief Description: I have a whole boxful of embossing folders, and many of them I have not used because I am still trying to find a creative way to use them. So, I got them out and played around and settled on this fun globe one that I actually cut out. I also used the “Bon Voyage” stamp for the first time.
Project Photo:

Thanks @storerboughtcreation for letting me use my craft challenge entry for my prompts this month! It was so hard holding off on sharing these cards! Now that the Happy Mail group is starting to receive their surprise gifts, I can make the rest I need to make and create my Battle post, too! Wooo!


Prompt: July - Ski Vacation
Team: :yarn:
Project Name: Blanket for Jess
Project Link: Foxy/herringbone baby blanket
Brief Description: I made this for my first cousin once removed. She’s having her first baby this fall. A blanket is used to stave away the cold.
Project Photo(s):


@roler, your altered Pokemon cards are fantastic! I love them. And the Nessie Hoop is perfect!

@Lynx, those are great cards! That hummingbird stamp is one of the things that first got me back into art, honestly. And I’d award bonus points if I could for the knowledge… but then I’d have to dock you for making me want to go on a vacation to Arizona… in July… :smiley:

@storerboughtcreation, you crochet like nobody’s business, I will never not be in awe of all of your projects!


hahahaha! I just saw a memory in my Facebook posts from this day 4 years ago. I was happy that our temps had dropped from 117 to 105, and were supposed to stay at 105 for the next two weeks. I was just commenting how messed up that is :rofl:


Prompt: July: Battle: RV
Team: Running With Scissors
Project: The "Happy Mail Gang" is charmed!
Brief Description: Really stretching the prompt with this one, but going with RV because there are letters on the charms. I started these in June and am finishing one for each Happy Mail participant in July. These were a surprise until they started arriving early this month.
Project Photo:


Prompt: July - Beach Vacation
Team: Knotty by Nature
Project Name: Toothy the Walrus
Project Link: Toothy the Walrus
Brief Description: Toothy here definitely looks ready for a beach vacation!
Project Photo(s):

Prompt: July - City Vacation
Team: Knotty by Nature
Project Name: Charles Woodpecker
Project Link: Charles Woodpecker
Brief Description: Charles here is colorful and bright, and can be found in cities, too!
Project Photo(s):