Harry Potter Craftalong - Ostara 2023

Challenge: Detention - Reparo
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Luns Transformation
Project Description: I’ve had this Luns unit for years but we haven’t utilized the chalkboard feature for ages now. Additionally, I needed a place to put my notebook and folder each day when I come home from work, because I can never figure out where I stashed them and it makes me crazy in the morning! I was looking at units at IKEA and on Amazon, but then realized that for MUCH less money, I could just transform what I already had to better suit my needs. I got some patterned sticky-back paper at dollar tree to cover the chalkboard (which was not brightening the entryway at all!) I also took out the little chalk trays and made a foamboard shelf to cover the holes that had held them. The extra piece of sticky paper went on the shelf, as well as a bit of washi tape to cover the front edge. Gold washi tape covered the small gap left on either side of the chalkboard, and I put the trays down on the bottom shelf to corral things so they wouldn’t fall out the sides. I had some glittery pink elastic that I attached to either side so that I would have a stretchy band to keep my notebook and folder on the shelf. It’s much brighter and happier now, and works great for my needs!
I didn’t remember to take a pic of it before, so here’s a stock photo and a pic of how it looks now.
Project Pics:


Awesome transformation!

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