50 Projects, More or Less, 2021

AAAK, that is one lovely piece!!!

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Okay - I’m in. Hopefully I’ll be better about actually posting my projects this year :roll_eyes:

Planned Project List:

  • Baby Quilt for Tommy completed 2/8/21
  • Monster Quilt (WIP)
  • Knit Baby Blanket (WIP) completed 1/7/21
  • Yellow Lace Socks (WIP)
  • More Masks
  • 7 million doll dresses
  1. Knit Baby Blanket (1/7/2021)

  2. Tommy’s Baby Quilt (2/8/21)

  3. Misc. Doll Dresses #1 (January)

  4. Misc. Doll Dresses #2 (January)

  5. Misc. Doll Dresses #3 (January & February)

  6. Blue Batik Doll Dresses (January)

  7. Yellow Stars Doll Dress - 3 in various sizes (January)

  8. Scrappy Itty Bitty Boxy Pouch (February)

  9. Not Quite A Blythe Sweater (February)

  10. Green Minifee Skirt (February)

  11. Pleated Skater Skirt for Minifee (February)

  12. $0.98 Curtain (February)

  13. Batch of Pukifee dresses (February)

  14. Misc. Doll Dresses #4 (March)

  15. Misc. Doll Dresses #5 (March)

  16. Misc. Doll Dresses #6 (March)

  17. Blue & White Calico Dress - 3 in various sizes (February)

  18. Doll Dresses #7 (March)

  19. Doll Dresses #8 (March)

  20. Oak Leaf Garland

  21. FQ Project Bag

  22. Three Orange Floral Dresses

  23. Doll Dresses #8 (April)

  24. Big Doll Dress

  25. Doll Dresses #9 (April)

  26. Doll Dresses #10 (April)

  27. Doll Dresses #11 (May)

  28. Doll Dresses #12 (May)

  29. Doll Dresses #13 (Various)

  30. Doll Dresses #14 (May)

  31. Doll Dresses #15 (May-ish)

  32. Doll Dresses #16

  33. Doll Dresses #17

  34. Doll Dresses #18


finished my Gratitude Rosary. Just plain wooden beads on a black ribbon. Markered with flowers. I ‘travel’ from one bead to next, thinking of the next thing I am grateful for. Very powerful.


I love this idea! And your drawings are very good.

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I’m in again this year. I have a lot of WIPs to finish.


My Christmas visitors have gone home, I’ve finally updated my 2020 50 projects list, so it’s time to start work on my 2021 list …

Once again, apart from essentials like thread, zippers, etc. my intention is to make everything (or as much as feasible) from stash, thrifted, or recycled materials.

My List

Completed 2021:

1 Art journal craftalong panda page

2 Owl illustration for EP
3 Watercolour cards
4 Whimsical watercolour house
5 Lap Quilt for LD
6 hummingbird watercolour for Lynx
7 batch of fish bookmarks
8 4 x 6 artworks (4)
9 red and gold painting
10 bird art journal page
11 bird and flowers art journal page
12 green gradient shawl (frog in autumn)
13 big batch of watercolour cards
14 green cowl for PrincessP
15 origami crane brooch for PrincessP
16 prayer flag for Princess P
17 whiskey cat watercolour for geekgirl
18 batch of cup mug rugs
19 more watercolours
20 even more watercolours
21 rainy day panda
22 happy easter bunny cards
23 cereal box bird (flash craft challenge co-winner!)
24 so many watercolours
25 teacup stamps and stationery for Immaculata
26 Halloween art for irid3sc3nt
27 night sky watercolour for bunny1kenobi
28 art for Annchen
29 mini chaise longue for kittykill
30 art for kittykill
31 black gingham apron for me
32 art journaling sea creature
33 art journaling using rubbish
34 art journaling cat
35 dark teal knitted slippers
36 Jackalope watercolour for Ericchanhime
37 bunny watercolour
38 little landscape and bees watercolour for Fonduie
39 hanging teatowels for Fonduie
40 set of cards for Edel
41 why be moody bird art 4x6 (several versions)
42 mini art for plaidpineapple
43 knitted Barbie clothes for plaidpineapple
44 batch of 21 tiny wonky houses
45 set of mini art dolls
46 tags for ephemera swap
47 garden flag
48 batch of decorated tags for happy mail
49 hobbit hole watercolour for grabacoffee
50 Manhattan print shirt
51 Liberty adventure print blouse
52 Liberty pencil print skirt
53 Liberty storm dress
54-64 things for Edel
65-66 4x6 art swap
67 book cover for Maria
68 autumn cross stitch for stitchalong
69 batch of bookmarks for happy mail
70 Liberty pencil print top
71 Dog painting for gift

IYP - PrincessP
IYP - geekgirl
Mini MaF - Lynx2Lancer
4 x 6 Art -
4 x 6 Art -
Little Good Things Swap
Ongoing Wish Swap - 10 packages sent
Cryptid Swap - Ericchanhime
Paper and Ephemera swap - Smmarrt and thanate
12 days of Christmas swap - Edel
Positive affirmations - Magpia

Project Ideas:

Fabric things
Cloud mug rugs in grey for hubby
Mug rugs for gifts
Make some more things from my Yoko Saito books
Table runner
Remake damaged vintage embroidery pieces into little items
Make items for church fundraisers - aprons, potholders, mug rugs, key rings etc.etc.
Finish rabbit pouch for gift
black and white bag
sew embroidered pieces into useful things

Arty things
Linocut for fundraiser
Art journal pages
Art journalling course
Lots of watercolour pictures
Chameleon painting
Little art objects (mini journals, decorated quotes/poems)
Mini creature scenes in house boxes

Yarny things
More little mice
Grey cardigan

black cable scarf
purple socks
Yoko Saito needlework case
Vintage monochrome cushion cover (embroidered)
Green Myrna cardigan

and, finish my novel!


I love this idea!


I made one piece using this idea a few months ago -



That is so gorgeous!

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lol I guessed you were marsupial…ha ha ha that is a lovely way to showcase old needlework and still make it functional for today!


haha you know me too well!

Thanks guys for the kind comments - I am keen to make some more pieces like this. I can’t bring myself to throw away old embroidery that I know someone spent hours on.


I decided for some reason that I wanted to make myself some new curtains for my room. I have plenty of other projects to get working on.


Yay, curtains! I bet it felt good to make something so functional and visible every day. I like the color contrast at the top.

I somehow missed seeing your little zipper pouch, @jemimah. It is so, so sweet! I have the same feelings about honoring someone’s work. In the pre-COVID days when I used to go garage-saling, I would often see gorgeous embroidery or crochet pieces that were being sold for pennies due to staining or damage. I rescued a few, but have trouble figuring out what to do with them. Your little bag is very inspiring!


That pouch is simply darling! It seems quite firm in structure too, what did you use to line it?

Thank you! It is nice to see them. The contrast at the top is because I didn’t have quite enough of the main piece. :laughing: but it worked quite well.


Finally finished finished this quilt! I think I had posted the completed top in last years craft along. But now I finally got the binding on!


Thank you! I can’t remember, I think it might have just had an extra layer of cotton fabric?

That is a super stylish quilt @poetrylover828! Beautiful!

Thank you! I enjoyed making it and am happy it’s finished!

finished my heating pad cover. Last thing was to add the velcro.
My new version is a lot easier for my arthritic hands to put on since it is made out of stretchy material.