CLOSED: Nerd Games - Fall 2022

Welcome to the Nerd Games!

Runs October, 2022 - December 31, 2022

This is a craftalong where nerdy crafters all over the world can share our projects and give each other encouragement - that’s really all there is to it! If you feel you might be a nerd, or enjoy some nerdy things of any kind, or if you’re just nerdy about crafting, you’re more than welcome here!


Simply make any craft, take photos of it, and post them in this group with the following header, which will be explained below:

Prompt: (Write the name of the prompt you are entering your craft for here. Don’t forget to include the month!)
Team: (Choose one of three, listed below)
Project Name: (Name your craft anything you like; fanciful titles or simple labels/descriptions are all fine)
Project Link: (Paste the link to your community post for the bonus points)
Brief Description: (Tell us anything you’d like to about the craft, such as how you made it, and why it fits the prompt.)
Project Photo(s): (Post photos of your awesome craft here, so we can ooh and aah over it!)


There are three teams to choose from, and no requirements for joining any of them; simply choose one that speaks to you, put the team name in your first project header, and presto - you’re a member! You will remain on the same team for the entire season. You may change teams in future seasons.

Special Fall Season Teams!

  • Team Don’t Stop Beleafing: :fallen_leaf:
  • Team So Corn-fused: :corn:
  • Team Gourd of the Rings: :jack_o_lantern: :ring:

Either type in your team name, or use the emojis to indicate your team!


Prompts will be posted on a monthly basis in the post below. Please choose a prompt. Monthly battles are the only time sensitive prompts. The non-battle prompts are open for the entire season. See THE POINTS section below for point values and several additional crafting opportunities for each of your crafts. You can craft specifically to fit the prompts, or you can craft first and then find a prompt to fit it into. We’re pretty lax about slightly stretched interpretations of the prompts; just explain in your description how it fits!

  • Monthly prompts will close at 11:59pm Central Time on the last day of the current month.


We are trying to keep things simple, so there will only be one type of bonus point available. COMMUNITY POINTS will be given when you post a link to a post you’ve made within the Lettuce Craft community, and will be worth 20 bonus points for each project shared. Please be sure to participate in the entire community and not just in the craftalong!


This competition is just for fun and the points are for nothing more than motivation and bragging rights, but go ahead and rack up points by posting projects for you team! Points break down as follows:

  • Monthly battles and prompts: 20 points each (must take at least 30 minutes of crafting time)
  • Free Range: 20 points each (must take at least 30 minutes of crafting time. Up to six allowed per season
  • Big Time projects: 50 points each (must take at least 5 hours of crafting time. Up to three allowed per season)
  • Zaps: 10 points each (any craft that takes less than 30 minutes to make. Up to five allowed per season)
  • Research Projects: 100 points (must take at least 20 hours of crafting time. Up to two per season)
  • Bonus Points: COMMUNITY bonus points (worth 20 extra per project) are the only bonus opportunity available at this time.

Special Note:
All prompts are supposed to be crafted within the current season. However, we have decided to make an exception to this rule. Let’s say you craft something for a swap near the end of the Summer season. You’ve sent the swap package, but it hasn’t been received yet. Fall season begins, your partner has received their swap item, and you are ready to post. You may go ahead and post your project from the previous season for the current season.


  • Players must craft to the best of their abilities and have a minimum of 30 minutes of crafting time per submission, unless otherwise noted.
  • A project can only be submitted for one prompt or crafting opportunity.
  • A project does NOT have to be "nerdy,” it only has to fulfill the prompt as you see fit.
  • Submitted projects must be started and completed during the current season, unless otherwise noted.
  • There is SO MUCH to do in the Nerd Games. Do not feel like you have to craft everything. Do what inspires you.
  • We welcome all players from the Nerdyverse, no matter their Geekdom. We even welcome non-nerds!
  • We are never mean.
  • We never exclude someone.
  • We will keep it clean-ish (PG-13).
  • Never hesitate in contacting the Gamemakers (@storerboughtcreation or @Smeddley) with your questions, concerns, or ideas.

Previous Seasons:

Summer 2022
Spring 2022
Winter 2022
Fall 2021
Summer 2021
Spring 2021
Winter 2021
Fall 2020
Summer 2020
Spring 2020
Winter 2020

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Teams and Tracking

Don’t Stop Beleafing

So Corn-fused

Gourd of the Rings

Please post your projects with the following header:

Prompt: (Write the name of the prompt you are entering your craft for here. Don’t forget to include the month!)
Team: (Choose one of three, listed above) *
Project Name: (Name your craft anything you like; fanciful titles or simple labels/descriptions are all fine) *
Project Link: (Paste the link to your community post for the bonus points) *
Brief Description: (Tell us anything you’d like to about the craft, such as how you made it, and why it fits the prompt .)**
Project Photo(s): (Post photos of your awesome craft here, so we can ooh and aah over it!) *

October Battle: Creepy Cute vs Downright Scary - CLOSED
November Battle: Crossword Puzzles vs Sudoku - CLOSED
December Battle: Fruitcake vs Figgy Pudding

October theme: all things spooky!

  1. Spoopy - In honor of the item that created the meme, craft something that is a little bit “off”, something that you messed up (whether it turned out okay or not), or something that has writing.
  2. Eye of Newt - Craft something that requires mixing, contains multiple “ingredients”, or has eyes (or is a newt!). OR you can be technical and make something mustard-related, as “eye of newt” is mustard seed.
  3. Toe of Frog - Craft something used for walking, hopping, or swimming, something bumpy, or something green (or a frog!). OR you can go with something related to the plant this is referencing, buttercup (bring on the Princess Bride crafts!)
  4. Wool of Bat - Craft something of wool (fiber or fabric), something with wings, something that makes sound, or something that is black. OR something to do with holly leaves (but it is NOT Christmas time yet!)
  5. Tongue of Dog - Craft something that is edible, something that is furry, something for your dog, or something that is either pink or brown (or your preferred dog color). OR something to do with houndstounge, but I admit I had to look that one up…

November theme: words vs numbers, but all things puzzles!

  1. Groups of 9 - Craft something with 9 pieces or 9 steps, or something that has 9 distinct colors or patterns.
  2. Homonyms (the crossword puzzle classic trick) - Craft something that has multiple uses, is deceptive in what it looks to be, or has at least two distinct colors or patterns.
  3. Columns and rows - Craft something that has squares or lines (horizontal or vertical), is used to store (box) something, or is white.
  4. Eraser - Craft something that you’ve messed up in the past, is tricky or difficult for you, requires redoing some steps, or is pink.
  5. The Final Square - Finish something that has been a WIP for awhile! If you have no WIPs… one, please share your secret, but two, any Pinterest Pin, bookmarked project, or book/pattern you own that you haven’t done will also count.

December theme: seasonal desserts!

  1. Figs - Craft something that is purple or yellow, is round, or has wings (wasps! look up how figs are made if you don’t know…).
  2. Pudding - Craft something that is brown, spongy, or requires heat to finish.
  3. Candied fruit - Craft something that is jewel toned, crystalline, or “sweet”.
  4. Rum - Craft something that is flammable, pirate-themed, or uses a liquid.
  5. Bread - Craft something that is square/rectangular, requires waiting time (drying, rising, setting, etc), is homey, or smells good.

advent banner

Happy Fall! This season we are doing a 12 week winter countdown advent event! Each week on Sunday I will post a new prompt for you to craft. These are EXTRA prompts, and the same rules and bonuses apply as regular monthly prompts. You will just have a lot more prompts this season to tap into your crafty mojo! Have fun and Happy holidays! This event begins on October 2nd.

The countdown has a music theme! Each prompt will include a song you might use as inspiration in your creating. The songs are loose associations to a theme either through title or lyrics as a way to provide a variety of inspiration options (for instance, yes, I know Zombie by The Cranberries is not a Halloween song! :upside_down_face:).

Week 1: October 2

Superstition. We’re headed into spooky season! Craft an item requiring multiple steps or types of supplies, or inspired by the song Superstition by Stevie Wonder.

Week 2: October 9

Hungry Like the Wolf. It’s a full moon tonight! Craft an item incorporating a geometric pattern, or inspired by the song Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran.

Week 3: October 16

Zombie. They’re coming! Craft an item using supplies you grew/made yourself or are giving a second life, or inspired by the song Zombie by The Cranberries.

Week 4: October 23

Monster Mash. (BLOODY SHRIEK!) Craft an item large in size, or inspired by the song Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett.

Week 5: October 30

This is Halloween. (Well, tomorrow!) Craft an item using beads, or inspired by the song This is Halloween by Danny Elfman from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Week 6: November 6

Undone (The Sweater Song). It’s getting chilly in the Northern Hemisphere. Craft an item requiring water, or inspired by the song Undone (The Sweater Song) by Weezer.

Week 7: November 13

Three Little Birds. The birds are headed South for the Winter. Craft an item based on a specific location, or inspired by the song Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Week 8: November 20

Help! Need a hand in the kitchen this week? Thankful for help you’ve received? Craft and item using or representing food, or inspired by the song Help! by The Beatles.

Week 9: November 27

Time of the Season. Post-Thanksgiving means one thing! Craft an item using fabric, or inspired by the song Time of the Season by The Zombies.

Week 10: December 4

Cold Cold Ground. The chill is here to stay for a while. Craft an item incorporating the colors blue or gray, or inspired by the song Cold Cold Ground by Tom Waits.

Week 11: December 11

Kind & Generous. Embrace your giving spirit. Craft an item made from yarn, or inspired by the song Kind & Generous by Natalie Merchant.

Week 12: December 18

A Long December. Still hanging in there? Craft an item that takes at least two hours to make, or is inspired by the song A Long December by The Counting Crows.

BONUS: December 25

Last Christmas. Craft an item incorporating glitter/otherwise sparkly element, or inspired by the song Last Christmas by Wham!


Pin Prize Collection

We’re starting a Nerd Games enamel pin collection! Beginning this Fall, each season you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to three enamel pins. Each pin will be different, and every season the pins offered will be different. Try to collect them all, or have fun picking and choosing ones to work toward!


ALL the Projects: Complete all of the regular season projects – 3 Battles & 15 Prompts.

Investment: Complete 2 Research Projects OR 1 Research Project AND 3 Big Time Projects.

Community: Claim Community Bonus Points on at least 5 Projects AND comment on at least 10 Projects posted in the current season’s Nerd Games thread.


The votes are in! Here are the pins that are up for grabs this season:

Fall Pins

Once you have completed the prize requirements, send the below submission form to LovelyMiss via private message.

Prizes will be sent after the season ends.

Pin Event Submission Form

I am claiming: (ALL the Projects/Investment/Community)

I attest that I have completed the requirements for the Fall Nerd Games 2022 Pin Event(s) I am claiming: Yes/No

My name and mailing address (as it should be formatted for sending, including country) are:


Prompt: Spoopy
Team: Don’t Stop Be-Leaf-ing!
Project Name: Wonky Wallet
Project Link: Bar Clasp Mini-Diva Wallet
Brief Description: It came out wonky. The pattern was a little hard to understand. I want to attempt a simplified version of this, but I liked the fabric.
Project Photo(s):


The fabric is gorgeous but yes, the execution could have been better. However you are still quite skilled as I imagine my attempt would be way WAAAY more off :stuck_out_tongue:


Prompt: October - Wool of Bat
Team: Don’t stop be-leaf-ing!
Project Name: Boo Notebook!
Project Link: Boo notebook CtiyS
Brief Description: I got a bunch of notebooks to decorate and the Craft this in your Style was a great opportunity. I used the black notebook.
Project Photo(s):


What a cute boo!

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Question, black notebook, does that mean the pages are also black? :stuck_out_tongue: The ghost is super adorable


No, regular pages. The cover is black.

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Wow, I imagine that wallet would have been fiddly and hard to get right, you did a great job! I know I have a terrible time cutting things properly these days, I wouldn’t even attempt that!

The ghost notebook is ADORABLE.


I like it! Sometimes"wonky" just adds character. I do love the material also!

That notebook! It’s adorable!

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Prompt: October – Toe of Frog
Team: Don’t stop be-leaf-ing!
Project Name: Casserole Carriers
Project Link: Two more casserole carriers
Brief Description: I made two casserole carriers. They have green interiors.
Project Photo(s):

Prompt: October – Eye of Newt
Team: Don’t stop be-leaf-ing!
Project Name: Light-up Coffins
Project Link: Halloween Coffins
Brief Description: I painted a bunch of cheap light-up coffins from Michael’s. It was a fun, stress-free project. The skeleton, cat, pumpkins, and spiders all have eyes!
Project Photo(s):


I keep thinking I need to make some of the casserole dish carriers, but I’m a little intimidated by them. Kinda like the microwave bowl cozies. No idea why! But yours look great - I love the fabric!


The pattern I used was super simple. You should give it a go!

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Ready to play again!
Prompt: Creepy Cute (October Battle)
Team: Gourd of the Rings
Project Name: Bookish Ghostie 4x6
Project Link: Bookish Ghostie 4x6
Brief Description: I mean, c’mon. This little boo-ger would rather read than haunt. (Made for the Craft This In Your Style Craftalong.)
Project Photo(s):


I love that your boo and the one @gozer shared look so similar and yet so different. It’s so much fun seeing how people interpret something and how much their personality and craft strengths play in creating art :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Prompt: 12 weeks of winter: Supersticious
Team: So Corn-fused
Project Name: Coffin apple pies
Brief Description: This small project took several steps to complete. I made the pie dough, I also prepared all the apples (there are so many apples here!) and I made the apple pie filling before finally assembling it all. Luckily for me I didn’t pack away all my silly cookie cutters, this way I could make tiny coffins :smiley: the air holes were tiny crosses, which partially worked out.
Project Photo(s):


Thise arr clever and cool. Why havent you made a thread post? These are great!

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