CLOSED: Nerd Games - Winter 2022

artwork done by @QueenHobo

Welcome to the Nerd Games!

Runs January 1, 2022 - March 31, 2022

This is a craftalong where nerdy crafters all over the world can share our projects and give each other encouragement - that’s really all there is to it! If you feel you might be a nerd, or enjoy some nerdy things of any kind, or if you’re just nerdy about crafting, you’re more than welcome here!


Simply make any craft, take photos of it, and post them in this group with the following header, which will be explained below:

Prompt: (Write the name of the prompt you are entering your craft for here. Don’t forget to include the month!)
Team: (Choose one of three, listed below)
Project Name: (Name your craft anything you like; fanciful titles or simple labels/descriptions are all fine)
Project Link: (Paste the link to your community post for the bonus points)
Brief Description: (Tell us anything you’d like to about the craft, such as how you made it, and why it fits the prompt.)
Project Photo(s): (Post photos of your awesome craft here, so we can ooh and aah over it!)


There are three teams to choose from, and no requirements for joining any of them; simply choose one that speaks to you, put the team name in your first project header, and presto - you’re a member! You will remain on the same team for the entire season. You may change teams in future seasons.

  • Team Running with Scissors: :scissors: Maybe you like to craft with fabric or paper.
  • Team Knotty by Nature: :yarn: Maybe you like to knit, crochet, or macramé.
  • Team Bits and Bobs: :thread: Maybe you like working with various notions, or have varied crafting interests.

Either type in your team name, or use the emojis to indicate your team!


Prompts will be posted on a monthly basis in the post below. Please choose a prompt. Monthly battles are the only time sensitive prompts. The non-battle prompts are open for the entire season. See THE POINTS section below for point values and several additional crafting opportunities for each of your crafts. You can craft specifically to fit the prompts, or you can craft first and then find a prompt to fit it into. We’re pretty lax about slightly stretched interpretations of the prompts; just explain in your description how it fits!

  • Monthly prompts will close at 11:59pm Central Time on the last day of the current month.


We are trying to keep things simple, so there will only be one type of bonus point available. COMMUNITY POINTS will be given when you post a link to a post you’ve made within the Lettuce Craft community, and will be worth 20 bonus points for each project shared. Please be sure to participate in the entire community and not just in the craftalong!


This competition is just for fun and the points are for nothing more than motivation and bragging rights, but go ahead and rack up points by posting projects for you team! Points break down as follows:

  • Monthly battles and prompts: 20 points each (must take at least 30 minutes of crafting time)
  • Free Range: 20 points each (must take at least 30 minutes of crafting time. Up to six allowed per season
  • Big Time projects: 50 points each (must take at least 5 hours of crafting time. Up to three allowed per season)
  • Zaps: 10 points each (any craft that takes less than 30 minutes to make. Up to five allowed per season)
  • Research Projects: 100 points (must take at least 20 hours of crafting time. Up to two per season)
  • Bonus Points: COMMUNITY bonus points (worth 20 extra per project) are the only bonus opportunity available at this time.

Special Note:
All prompts are supposed to be crafted within the current season. However, we have decided to make an exception to this rule. Let’s say you craft something for a swap near the end of the Summer season. You’ve sent the swap package, but it hasn’t been received yet. Fall season begins, your partner has received their swap item, and you are ready to post. You may go ahead and post your project from the previous season for the current season.


  • Players must craft to the best of their abilities and have a minimum of 30 minutes of crafting time per submission, unless otherwise noted.
  • A project can only be submitted for one prompt or crafting opportunity.
  • A project does NOT have to be "nerdy,” it only has to fulfill the prompt as you see fit.
  • Submitted projects must be started and completed during the current season, unless otherwise noted.
  • There is SO MUCH to do in the Nerd Games. Do not feel like you have to craft everything. Do what inspires you.
  • We welcome all players from the Nerdyverse, no matter their Geekdom. We even welcome non-nerds!
  • We are never mean.
  • We never exclude someone.
  • We will keep it clean-ish (PG-13).
  • Never hesitate in contacting the Gamemakers (@storerboughtcreation or @Smeddley) with your questions, concerns, or ideas.

Previous Seasons:

Fall 2021
Summer 2021
Spring 2021
Winter 2021
Fall 2020
Summer 2020
Spring 2020
Winter 2020



Please post your projects with the following header:

Prompt: (Write the name of the prompt you are entering your craft for here. Don’t forget to include the month!)
Team: (Choose one of three, listed below)*
Project Name: (Name your craft anything you like; fanciful titles or simple labels/descriptions are all fine)*
Project Link: (Paste the link to your community post for the bonus points)*
Brief Description: (Tell us anything you’d like to about the craft, such as how you made it, and why it fits the prompt .)**
Project Photo(s): (Post photos of your awesome craft here, so we can ooh and aah over it!)*

Battle Royale Prompt

Choose a side and craft a project to represent your choice. Must be completed within the month of issue, by 11:59 om, Central US time, on the last day of the month. Players may only submit one project per month/Battle. Battle Royale prompts are worth 20 points each and are eligible for all available Bonus Point opportunities.

  • January Battle: Shower vs Bath - CLOSED
  • February Battle: Word Games vs Number Games - CLOSED
  • March Battle: Butter vs Margarine
    (I know this might seem hard-ish at first glance, but think natural verses man-made, so cotton yarn or fabric would be “butter” and acrylic yarn or rayon fabric could be “margarine”… or come up with any other slightly plausible justification!)

Challenge Prompts

January Theme - National Bath Safety Month!
Did you know that January was National Bath Safety Month? I didn’t! But it is true that people get injured around the house all the time, and bathrooms can be slippery places. Make sure you have a good, secure bathmat and shower yoga is NOT recommended!

  • Rubber Duckie (you’re the one!) - craft something that is small, floats, or is yellow (or is a duck or uses a duck!).
  • Bubbles! - craft something round, or white, or something that you tend to see/use in a grouping (or something that actually contains bubbles or uses bubbles to make it!).
  • Scrub-a-dub - craft something that is scratchy, prickly, or is used to clean something (or talks about cleaning/shows cleaning for our art people!).
  • Reading in the Tub - craft something that contains words, is related to reading (there’s a Lettuce Craft Reading Challenge in the Lounge - journal spread, anyone?), or is risky to make (no one wants a soggy book, but that’s a risk).
  • Singing in the Shower - craft something that makes noise, is related to music, or is something you’re not great at (or you think you’re not great at!) but you love doing anyway!

February Theme - This prompt is brought to you by the letters B-R-A-N-D-Y and the number 3!

  • Anagrams - craft something that is jumbled, out of order, or requires shuffling about.
  • Sudoku - craft something that is square, repetitive, or incorporates the number 9.
  • Word Search - craft something that you had to search for a supply for, or has a hidden element.
  • Bingo! - craft something that has columns (stripes), uses ink, or has circles (daubers!).
  • Crossword Puzzles - craft something that is criss-crossed (hatched), has boxes/squares, or incorporated clues.

March Theme - Cookies! This month’s theme brought to you by my baking addiction…

  • Chocolate Chip - craft something tan or brown, soft or melted, or is chocolate.
  • Oatmeal Cranberry - craft something red, or fiber-full, or has different textures.
  • Sugar Cookie - craft something pale, simple, or plain.
  • Iced Cookie - craft something that you use a stamp/imprint on, or that has multiple colors.
  • Monster Cookie - craft something that is a hodge-podge, is comprised of a bunch of different crafts/items. or is monstrous.

Team Roster and Tracking

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Reserved for upcoming swap news. :grin::grin::wink:
This season we will be having a Swap for the Games!

Sign ups December 31 - January 13. Send outs February 15th.


Winter Nerd Games 2022 Prize Event

Earn a physical award this season by completing the following tasks:

  • Submit at least 20 projects. As part of the 20 projects, you must submit at least 1 Research Project OR 3 Big Time Projects.

  • Once you have submitted the required projects, send the submission form to LovelyMiss via private message.

Prizes will be sent after the season ends.

Prize Event Submission Form

I attest that I have completed the required projects for the Winter 2022 Nerd Games Prize Event: Yes/No

My name and mailing address (as it should be formatted for sending, including country) are:

How would you like your name to appear on the prize? Options: Username, First Name, First Name+Last Initial.


Prompt: January Battle - Bath
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Copic practice
Project Link: N/A
Brief Description: I mentioned I got some Copic markers for Christmas. I did a couple of more drawings to test them out. I used reference photos I found online for both of them, but drew them freehand and made some changes. I’ve never really used markers as part of drawing before, so it’s new and I’m finding a steep learning curve (particularly unforgiving, even with the blending marker at play!). I’m saying bath for this one because: I did it while sitting down, she looks like a lady who needs some relaxing tub time, and because I took my time with drawing and coloring it (and I always like a nice, long bath).

Project Photo(s):

copic girl

Prompt: January - Singing in the Shower
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: Copic practice 2
Project Link: N/A
Brief Description: The other practice drawing I did. I’m not great at it, but I’m having a great time doing it!

Project Photo(s):

copic boy


You sure fooled me. They look awesome! I love your description on the lady who looks like she could use a bath :grin:

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@LovelyMiss absolutely love that girl! The subtle blush is fantastic. Your really have a knack with the markers. I can’t wait to see what else you do.


Thanks, friends! It’s been fun so far, so I’m sure I’ll have more to share soon!


Prompt: Research Project
Team: Knotty by Nature
Project Name: Rainbow tree blanket
Project Link: A walk in the Unicorn 🦄 Forest mosaic blanket
Brief Description: I meant to finish this before the end of 2021, but couldn’t get it done in time. I just finished it about 15 minutes ago. I LOVE THIS BLANKET SO MUCH! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: See the link for more photos
Project Photo(s):


Epic! So beautiful. Do you get to keep this one for yourself?


I haven’t decided what I’ll do with it yet. I can’t leave anything made of yarn out where our lovely team mascot can reach it. He eats yarn, but not skeins… just actual projects. So I would only be able to have it out when using it. Otherwise it would have to be locked in the closet or put in a tote. I love Monkey, but his pica drives me insane.


Prompt: Jan Battle: Shower
Team: Bits and Bobs
Project Name: A Marbled Pair of Hummingbirds
Brief Description: I use shaving cream in the shower, and used it to marble my canvas.
Project Photo:


Prompt: January - Rubber Duckie
Team: Knotty by Nature
Project Name: Delibird ATC
Project Link: Gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon ATCs - #32 by roler
Brief Description: Delibird may or may not be based on a duck. XD
Project Photo(s):


Prompt: January - Bubbles
Team: Running with Scissors
Project Name: 1st attempt Princess Leia
Project Link: First Attempt at Princess Leia - #13 by susieoregon
Brief Description: This is my first attempt at rendering Princess Leia. I want to keep drawing her until I am happy with it. This isn’t that version. Ha! It has a white base and a circle of gold. Click the link to see how it shimmers.
Project Photo(s):


@storerboughtcreation – That blanket is incredible. I can’t even image the work that went into it. Crazy! I have heard about cats who chew on stuff. That would be super frustrating and worrisome!
@Lynx – Beautiful artwork. I love the use of the new technique.

@roler – What a high-energy card!


Prompt: January – Singing in the Shower
Team: Running with Scissors
Project Name: 1st attempt at Watercolor
Project Link: Learning to Watercolor #1 2022 Goal
Brief Description: Well, as we can see, I am not that good at watercolor. It alludes me. I love the way it looks, but I am way too controlled when I do art to just relax and let it flow. One goal this year is to keep at it and stop quitting because it is hard. This is attempt #1. Hopefully, many more, improved, pieces will follow.
Project Photo(s):


I think it’s spectacular.


I have no idea what you mean! How are you not good at watercolor?!?! This looks great. Maybe it’s not what you imagined the final piece to be, but it’s amaze balls. :heart_eyes:


Prompt: January - battle - shower
Team: :yarn:
Project Name: snowman diamond art
Project Link:
Brief Description: I went with shower because it’s snowing in the picture. And also, baths gross me out. Stewing in your own filth is just… :nauseated_face:
Project Photo(s):