Happy Mail Craftalong 2022, The Year of Colors ~ Monthly themes and Birthdays too!

Welcome to the Happy Mail Craftalong Round Two!!!

Happy Mail is any mail sent/received with the sole purpose of making someone happy :slight_smile: For this craftalong we’ll focus on crafted happy mail. Some crafty happy mail might be a handmade postcard, decorated envelope, handmade card or stationery, small crafted gift, etc.

Each month we will have a theme to inspire us and I’ll keep track of Birthdays also. Please note that the theme is just for fun if you want to try, but if you’re not feeling inspired or you want to do your own thing that’s A-Okay too!

If you have a birthday in the month we’re in or the next month you can post in the thread or send me a message.

When you first join the craftalong please consider sharing something about yourself and the kind of happy mail you enjoy sending/receiving :kissing_heart: I’ll try to keep the Happy Mailers & Birthday lists current. Please message me if I need to change anything :slight_smile:

There are no “rules” here! All participants are encouraged to share what you’re crafting/sending. Recipients are encouraged to say “thank you” but are not required to and there is no pressure to share pictures or send Happy Mail in return. It’s up to each person to play however makes them happiest :love_letter: Message each other to request addresses and feel free to chat away in the craftalong thread! Last year was full of personal life updates and it was great getting to know everyone through the thread and through the mail :heart: lets keep it up this year!

New to Happy Mail? Want to join without reading a thousand messages? :flushed: Click on the monthly themes to jump to the start of a month :kissing_heart:

2022 is the Year of Colors
Themes by month:

Current Happy Mailers:
@Reinikka is the super awesome boss of this craftalong :sunglasses: :nerd_face: :innocent:
@Magpie is pausing is your future pen-pal, she’s awesome :email: :heart: :fountain_pen:
@megwell is awesome too, but don’t send her ants or glitter… or glittery ants :books: :mag_right: :musical_note:
@Lynx is a future art teacher that loves birds :art: :woman_teacher: :parrot:
@photojenn is pretty amazing and her intro will get linked once she makes one :wink: :yarn: :art:
@bluebird is extra awesome and will happily take all your glittery coffee birds :sparkles: :coffee: :bird:
@BeesKnees is a vegan houseplant junkie with puppers :leafy_green: :dog: :herb:
@Ewulotta has moved recently and loves crafting with her kids :love_letter: :art: :rose:
@madebyBeaG is a bilingual creative writer who cares about our planet :writing_hand: :heart: :earth_africa:
@GeekyBookworm might be our youngest & most mature Happy Mailer :books: :soccer: :musical_note:
@Cindy is so awesome, she’s also a bird lover and photographer :paperclips: :flamingo: :camera:
@Renstar likes her Happy Mail to be slimy, chocolate, and coffee free :love_letter: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :scroll:
@Bunny1kenobi is awesome and deserves all the happy she can get :cupid: :love_letter: :sparkling_heart:
@kittykill is back! She is super sweet and amazing, we all love her :woman_technologist: :crown: :woman_zombie:
@Immaculata likes to relax and savor her Happy Mail on the weekends :tulip: :love_letter: :thread:
@endymion is a crafter of many talents and she loves happy Happy Mail :thread: :scissors: :jigsaw:
@Amfkinney is a Happy Mail superstar! She is an expert mailbox brightener :yarn: :mailbox_with_mail: :scissors:
@wittychild does cross-stitching and baking but doesn’t bake her cross-stitching… :thread: :woman_cook: :books:
@melg78 is new to LC! Likes Mickey Mouse, Music, Books, and more. :yarn: :rose: :world_map:
@jemimah paused, moving lives in Middle Earth and enjoys a variety of artsy and crafty crafts. :art: :books: :thread:
@Bugaboo decorates her windows with Happy Mail and she is a Jill of (mostly) all trades. :woman_office_worker: :love_letter: :house_with_garden:
@skrutt enjoys creative writing and reading (two great skills for Happy Mail)! :writing_hand: :hamster: :books:
@kayrun likes spring, knitting, and is looking forward to future crafty meetups! :yarn: :seedling: :handshake:
@Edel lives in the land of green and loves bunches of paper crafts and sewing :paintbrush: :green_heart: :sewing_needle:
@Camelama loves a lot of things, but please don’t send confetti or glitter :cloud_with_rain: :tickets: :cat2:
@Whistlefish is living the library dream and looking for pen pall(s) :books: :writing_hand: :mailbox_with_mail:
@PrincessP has moved since last year. She has craft stashes in and out of storage :sewing_needle: :black_joker: :package:
@Juju is into paper, fabrics, and fantasy…and is new to LC, WELCOME! :dog: :european_castle: :woman_fairy:

:birthday::birthday::birthday: Upcoming Birthdays :birthday::birthday::birthday:

The fine print (bolded for your attention): We are all friends here! If you ever feel that you are not receiving your “fair share” of happy mail you might be in the wrong place :wink: All happy mail is given freely without the expectation of mail being sent in return. Ask each other for addresses, feel free to say “no”, and you share them at your own risk. This is not a swap! Lettuce Craft and myself take no responsibility if someone fails to send or delays sending anything There are no “points” or swap credit, this is all just for fun :slight_smile:

NEW for 2022 - I am not keeping a masterlist of addresses this year. I am also not keeping track of special requests. For special requests please share details in the thread and those interested can contact you for address details. This will keep the special requests more current. If you update your intro post, go on “pause”, etc, let me know and I’ll update the participant list as needed :kissing_heart:


Welcome to 2022! :tada: I’ll post my intro when I have time! :sweat_smile:


On pause


Woohoo Happy Mail 2022!

Megan in Indiana, USA, here. Lover of books, wordcraft, trivia, and TV sleuths, among other things. A shocking portion of my brain is made up of lyrics/quotes/references, etc.

I’m not a fan of vulgarity for vulgarity’s sake, but I’m also not opposed to swears used for a good cause :laughing:. (Except the c-word; no time for that.) No phobias – that I know of – but I HATE ants. I can also be sensitive to strong smells and prefer things that aren’t shedding glitter (that stuff gets everywhere).


Hi! Happy to be back for another year of Happy Mail! It was one of my favorite parts of 2022!
(I have cards ready to mail again!)

I’m Laura and I live in Ohio with my husband and our wonderful teenaged kids! I am the full-time sub at an elementary school with hopes of teaching art there some day. Next year, maybe?

I love getting letters and cards - if anyone wants to pen pal, let me know- and I am perfectly happy not receiving anything extra, although surprises are appreciated if you do want to send them.

I love birds, anything that will inspire me in curating an art curriculum, book pages, atcs, really I am easy to please.

Thanks in advance.

My birthday is Oct 8.

(@Reinikka I’ve updated this for my intro! Thank YOU!)


Happy mail is one of my favorite things, I’m definitely in for another year!


Hi, everyone! :slight_smile: I’m back again for more happy mail. :slight_smile:

I am from Florida and I enjoy happy mail! :blush: I love birds, art, books, coffee, sparkly/glittery things, keys, Harry Potter, fantasy. I would be happy with anything happy in my mailbox. You don’t need to include anything in the card, but if you would like ideas of some things I enjoy are artsy things like ATCs, inchies, decorated envie mail art etc. :slight_smile:


Yay for Happy Mail 2022! Count me in :slight_smile: Making paper crafts to send out into the world has kept me creative since joining last September and there is nothing more fun than opening the mailbox to see happy mail come to me!

Here is my lazy (read: mostly copied from last year) intro:
About me: I’m 48 (Nov. 6) and married with rescue puppers - no kids of the two legged variety. I live in a beach town just south of San Francisco and have an office job in higher education. I am a houseplant junkie, am vegan, and my craftroom is a beautiful disaster. I am an art nouveau loving naturlalist with a penchant for the creepy. You can check out my artwork and crafts at BrandeeBlank.com if you are so inclined.

My likes and dislikes are posted in my profile for anyone who gets the urge to do tailored Happy Mail, but I’ll be excited to see anything in my mailbox from you!


Here’s my 2022 intro :slight_smile:

I love getting Happy Mail! But I have much less time to devote to it at the moment… This year I’m going to give myself more permission to slack off and not share pictures of everything I receive. I will most likely send my thanks to each sender via a snail mail reply. Feel free to check in with me if you want to know about something you sent but I want to give myself more time off from the pressure of keeping track of everything. Right now I keep Happy Mail in a stack and as I reply to each piece I will organize them into my collection :heart:

I love receiving ephemera, ATCs, a note about your life, pen-pal letters, etc. I collect skunks (except Pepe Le Pew, not a fan of the stalker vibe… lol), Moomin and/or Finland stuff, jellyfish art, postage stamps (for use in crafting), and random other stuff.

Some random “about me” things:

  • For Christmas we got three adorable pet rats :heart: :rat: :two_hearts: I used the excuse that they are for our kid but they are totally mine :sweat_smile: I’m head over heals for them already!
  • My social life has picked up recently and I’m in a small crafty group and a book club :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
  • My husband works nights and we have a rambunctious little one… I’m a stay at home mom so even though I’m home a lot I have limited free time :flushed: :sleeping:
  • I will freely offer my kiddo’s age and name in snail mail or private messages but I’m very cautious about sharing personal details in public areas of the internet :heart: He’s at an age where gender stereotypes don’t affect him. He loves baking, crafting, science, etc. His favorite colors are pink and yellow. He loves dancing, running, jumping, and general chaos :laughing: He’s the center of my world so expect to read all about him in my letters :sweat_smile:

I might be slower to respond in some months but I promise that I adore anything and everything I receive! :kissing_heart:


Organizer note

I rolled over the one Birthday I know about from the last round. Please let me know if any of you have a January or February birthday to add to the list :partying_face: :birthday:


I’m back for happy mail :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I’m Eva (39) from the beautiful city of Cologne in Germany. I live with my husband and our two kids who are 8 and 6. I’m working part-time as a high school teacher which keeps me busy most of the time. But whenever I find time I enjoy crafting (also with the kids), reading, hiking and doing voluntary work. I like being outside in the woods and I love everything nature.

I love sending out happy mail and of course I also love receiving happy mail - every piece of happy mail that I received last year made me smile.

So excited to be back!

FYI (especially for those of you who sent me happy mail last year) We moved to a new place in December so I have a new address!


I’m Happy to continue to send Happy Mail around the globe in 2022!

I was born in The Netherlands in 1964 and now live in Belgium with my Belgian Marc.

I love designing and creating, creative writing, reading and anything to do with books.
I love nature too and am passionate about reversing climate change and rewilding our planet.
Check out my profile to learn more about me and my creations.

And of course I love receiving Happy Mail!
Any Happy Mail!
Please don’t feel like you have to reciprocate though. I don’t send Happy Mail to get Happy Mail. My sole aim is to brighten up your day.
I appreciate you letting me know when you received from me, so I know my Happy Mail did not go missing (since most of the time it has to travel far).

Should you want to include something with your card (but don’t feel obliged at all!), I’d love paper ephemera, English book pages, postage stamps, book marks, stickers and other paper crafting goodies.

Here’s to another wonderful Happy Mail year!


Hey, I’m Savannah. If you wish to send to me, you can use the same address as my mom, @Lynx. I really enjoyed doing this last year so I’m looking forward to doing it again this year! I enjoy reading books, soccer, music, geography, sloths, and making art. I like collecting ATCs, 4x6s, 5x7s, and canvas paintings.


I’m Cindy and live on Prince Edward Island, the smallest province in Canada. We moved across the country in August 2020 to be closer to our two sons and their families (okay, truth be told, to be closer to our two grand daughters)

I’m at stay-at-home wife who likes to quilt, sew for our grand daughters, crochet, doodle and dabble in other paper crafts.

I’m a bird nerd, I’ve even travelled just to look for new birds. I like to photograph them (always trying for a better photo), keep yearly and life lists. I get very excited when I find a bird I’ve never seen before (life bird)

I don’t need extras but if you just can’t resist enclosing something, I like paper clips with interesting shapes and my grand daughters enjoy cute stickers.


I’m happy to join again this year :smiley:

I’m Ren, I live in Bristol, UK.
Last year was my first dabbling in any form of paper craft, so I’m still learning. No extras are needed, naturally, but they are welcome if you want to send them.

Things I like:

  • Happy Mail in any shape or form - of course

Things I don’t like:

  • Slugs & snails
  • Chocolate
  • Caffeine

The last quarter of 2021 has been completely nuts for me. Between moving, my FIL passing away, and both my hubby and I getting Covid…ugh. I’m ready for some brightness in my life, and sending Happy Mail is one way to feel positivity.

So, about me… I have 4 kids, three kids-in-law, 2 adorable grandchildren and 2 dogs. LC is pretty much my favorite hangout. You guys help keep me sane! I don’t feel like I have a lot of time to devote to being a pen pal, but I do enjoy making and sending cards. Hopefully I’ll do better at it this year than I did last year.


Intro links/list updated. Please check that links are correct and that I haven’t offended you :wink: :kissing_heart: :innocent:


That’s amazing!


Hi all! I am glad to be back and ready to share some love in 2022.
About me…I live in the Pacific Northwest, completely fell in love with gardening last year. I have 6 more months of school till I graduate with a degree in cybersecurity and a certificate in Microsoft networking and Linux networking. My husband and I have three little monster dogs.

My life can be described as a goth grannie (I love granny chic and old school horror/sci-fi).
I love any snail mail
Bright/candy colors
gardening/backyard birds

I love the beach and hope that after all of this I can go to a proper warm beach, feel the waves on my feet and the warm sun on my face.


Hi everyone! I’m Imma, 31, from the Netherlands.
I loved participating in the Happy Mail craftalong last year & will join again this year.

However, I will start my last semester in law school in a couple of weeks while working a fulltime job, so I will not be sending out tons of mail this year. I’m also not much of a papercrafter, so sometimes my cards aren’t papercraft and sometimes not even handmade. I like writing letters as well. I usually open my Happy Mail on Fridays or Saturdays because I want to take my time opening them instead of feeling rushed. That + the time it takes for mail to arrive in Europe means that it may take a while before you hear back from me. You will also eventually get snail mail back but that may take a while, too.

I love all the things retro and vintage, including fashion, I love nature, flowers, I love all the bright colours and patterns, my main crafts are embroidery and sewing/quilting. When not crafting, working or studying I enjoy cooking, baking and gardening. There are very few things I’d rather not receive, but I’m not really into gore/horror/zombies etc. Vintage Halloween-type styles are fine, just nothing too scary.