50 or more Projects Craftalong -2023

YES! So glad this craftalong is up already this year! Here is my spot!

A few things I would like/should do in 2023 are (some are there from years past or are ongoing):
Built-in bookcases
Haunted Bathroom diorama
Nicho/shadowboxes/shrine “blanks” to use up scrap wood
Fabric bucket for woodstove paper
Jewelry Xmas Tree (flat or 3D?)
Coffee Table
Mucho Jersey
Where’s Wildo
Ashton’s Jersey Quilt

The things I actually do/make will go here : WARNING: THERE COULD BE UNBLURRED PHOTOS THAT ARE NSFW. This year I am going to list most recent at the top, inspired by AIMR’s 2022 list. And try to include links to project posts when I have them, inspired by those who do that.

Barkcloth pillow cover
Stairwell Walls

Twenty-four: Malted Chocolate Brownies (no post)

Twenty-three: Underpants Pennant Bunting

Twenty-two: S. S. Mucho Life Preserver

Twenty-one: Matchbox for Tiffany

Twenty: Plate of Brownies

Nineteen: A Dozen Xmas Cards with Wee Tree Inserts

Eighteen: Random Autumn Tags

Seventeen: Lucky Shamrock Cards


Sixteen: Sample Project with Heat Press
No pics

Fifteen: Delia’s Painting

Fourteen: Pillow cover for D

Thirteen: Memory Quilt for A

Twelve: Skellie Pants

Eleven. Cookies & Fudge

Ten. Skellie Pillow

Nine. Valentine Treat Tins

Eight. Kitty Caddy for MIL

Seven. Birthday Bingo

Six. Valentine Cards

Five. Fabric Bucket for Stove-side Stuff

Four. Feather-proof Cushion Covers

Three. Template for different sizes of mini embroidery hoop.
No pic, no post

Two. 2022 Holiday Cards into Tags

One. Santa Globe


I have been crafting like crazy all through last year. I hope to continue to be productive, I just need to get active on here again. No list for me as I have way too many things I’m doing, lol. I’ll add as I complete something!


Squatter is an Australian board game that is a Monopoly-type game where you own sheep stations and have to buy and trade your animals.

My dad grew up playing Monopoly, my mum grew up playing Squatter.


Claiming my spot! I’m hoping I can get to 50 this year, but 2023 hasn’t gotten off to the most auspicious start. Apologies in advance to anyone who finds dolls to be creepy. Avert your eyes!


That is definitely not me! I am just amazed at the variety of little dresses you make…I had no idea there were so many tiny prints, and now I am obsessed with them. To prevent me from buying them without any purpose, I always looked forward to seeing your fabrics! lol

I think I’ll play this year. I don’t know if I’ll make 50 (too many big projects on my to-do/WIP list), but I do love seeing everyone’s tallies go up throughout the year.

Restore my Singer 66
Hobbes plushie #2
Granny square bag (hemp)
Crochet top in pale blue
Spin yarn for sweater
Slytherin roving spin
Knit Socks for me
Quilt for DNe1 (I Spy)
Quilt for DNe2 (I Spy)
Quilt for DNe3 (I Spy)
Quilt for DNe4 (I Spy)
Scrap quilt for DS1
Scrap quilt for DS2
Sweater for DH
Knit dish towel


  1. Striped sweater
  2. Miraculous Medal Decade Rosary
  3. Saint Michael Decade Rosary
  4. Starry and Bookish Bookmarks (6)
  5. Blue sunstone rosary
  6. Citrine rosary
  7. Jade/opal rosary
  8. Blue/green rosary
  9. Pink opal rosary
  10. Pink opal decade rosary
  11. Starry skyscape painting
  12. Lepidolite necklace
  13. Sunstone necklace
  14. Valentine necklace
  15. Gotland grey handspun yarn (4oz)
  16. Star Wars and Scraps Quilt

I wasn’t very productive in 2022 so I’ll give it a try and play along.

Here’s my 2023 list

macrame plant hanger (s)
macrame wall hanging
macrame wreath
cases for card games
skirts for me
leggings for me
black pullover for me
fanny packs for Emma and me
reading bone pillow
carnival costumes :white_check_mark:
happy mail note cards
reorganizing my craft shelf

mending Ole’s pants on a regular basis


I was not as productive in 2022 as I would have liked so lets see if I can jump start more in 2023

Finish my original wrap pattern
Mass make some tidbits to sell
Sweater from my massive pile of hexes
More shopping totes…
Fabric collection
More to come

Finished so far:




I have many sewing and yarn projects I intend to complete this year. I’ll probably add to the list over time and when I find inspiration!

Use the Good Stuff I’ve been keeping for something special: the time is NOW!
* cream coloured embossed brocade from 1986)
* King Cole Opium yarns

  • Dresses (mine) using various items from stash (buttons, embroidery threads, laces, fabric scraps for design features) grey dress project done
  • Shirt/ top (mine)
  • T-shirts (friend)
  • Shorts (friend) - Feb 1 pair done Mar 1 pair done
  • Long pants/trousers (friend)
  • Underwear (mine & friend)
  • Crochet hat (mine)
  • Crochet motif garment (mine - long term project)
  • Mending as needed (all the things) on going
  • Applique towels - done
  • Nighties (mine)
  • Make powdered milk icecream (just because)
  • Speculaas Biscuits/ Cookies - done
  • Plant the chilli seeds - done
  • Make 8 tea towels and 4 dish cloths from new towelling -

2023 Completed Projects - Is it okay to do stories? I’m doing stories
1. The Zombie Shorts – Yellow Patch - the first mend of 2023
Zombie ShortsG
These shorts are not pretty by any means, they began life as a test of a pattern for a pair of shorts for a friend. Not sure if the pattern would work, I needed something to quickly test the pattern, so went through the rag bag to see if anything was suitable. These two old, well loved and very worn but outgrown polo shirts of my friends’ were the perfect candidates to test a bias cut of stretch fabric. It turned out the shorts pattern worked and they became a favourite, so when holes started to appear in the worn fabric I began to mend them, first on the inside to hide the patches. As they wore further, I began patching them on the outside to reduce roughness against the skin.
Now, it’s fun everytime there is a hole or tear, it gets patched. The colour of thread on the machine is whatever is there at the time, the patch is whatever comes to hand first that fits the need. They’ve become their absolute favourite shorts for lounging around in and it’s fun for me to see how far we can take this game of reusing old, worn fabrics to keep these shorts wearable.

Crocheted (from scrap yarn) a couple of these Ponytail Snoods too keep my hair off my neck in the heat. Usually sew them to a hair clip, but didn’t have any, so crocheted a tab section at the top for the stick to go through instead. Elastic hold the bag section. Works well.

Sewed a windmill bag as a plant hanger for the bathroom.

Appliqued the towels at last, plus a cover for the aerosol spray can.
Seeds PlantedG

Planted the last of the exotic Chilli seeds, + the favourite Chilli saved seeds + some Basil

Refreshed soil in container Bay Laurel & Chillies, bagged Parsley flower heads to catch seeds, prepped containers for upcoming seedlings.
KB shortsG
I pair of shorts, perfect fit! 2nd pair done no pic
Speculaas bisc7G
Speculaas biscuits
Grey Dress Project

Mend orange dress
Mend button band 4G


embossed brocade…sounds so lovely…

I have several pieces of “good” fabric that I was gifted when I was in Japan…never really had the nerve to cut into them…2023 is now or never…one is silk denim with tiny real rhinestones


Ok I’m in. It’s been a while since I felt motivated to track my crafts for the year, but I kind of miss being able to look back at what I accomplished for a given year. I don’t have a goal number to complete.

1/2 Scrap yarn gift bag #5 [modified Able Cable Hat pattern]
1/7 Scrap yarn gift bag #6 [modified Windmill Drawstring Pouch pattern]
1/14 modified Easy Fingerless mitts]
1/15 Kay’s Tess D’Urbervilles Shawl for Sofie
1/19 Ditto hat for Chris
1/28 Mondrian Pullover w/ handspun/stash yarn
2/2 Thicket Headband earwarmer
2/4 Field hat
2/7 Deathflake hat
2/10 Tshirt vest for Ada
2/12 Scrap yarn gift bag #7 [modified Le Massif Scarf pattern]
2/13 Sadie Scarflette
2/15 Sadie Scarflette #2
2/17 Barley hat
2/18 Trading post headband
2/19 Falmouth Super Bulky hat
2/19 Sadie Scarflette #3
2/19 Seed stitch headband
2/23 The Stare hat
3/2 Cannibalized cowl
3/15 Scrappy Whatever sweater #2!

Future Projects
knit lacy pullover summer top
Amazing Technicolor Dreamsweater
stashbusting yarnie Halloween costume


I print my list, pictures and all, each year and have them filed in a notebook as well as in a digital file.

It is fun to look back and remember what I made and for whom, etc. Sometimes, it is odd because I have no memory of HOW I made something, which means, I was probably in my zone…


What a good idea @AIMR and @sheepBlue to keep a record like that - I often have good intentions to do so and then forget to carry through. Given I often feel like I haven’t achieved that much even when I have, I will endeavour to keep a better record this year. Thank you for the inspiration!

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Your silk denim with rhinestones sounds beautiful! Japanese fabrics are just lovely, really lovely. I’ve made a shirt style top from some Japanese lawn, so soft and drapey. I think this is the year for no longer ‘making do’ and ‘saving the good stuff for aomething important’. Currently, everyday is important! :orange_heart:


Welcome to LC! We have a “Use the good stuff” craftalong as well…a reminder that life can take us down roads that we did not plan, so it is best to live mindfully and enjoy our crafting and friendships each day!

What are we saving these things for, if not for ourselves or our loved ones?

Can’t wait to see what you make! I think many of us are looking at making more clothing for ourselves!


Thank you for letting me know - I have already bookmarked it to come back to! It’s certainly shifted my perspective for the better. I am enjoying the support, camaraderie, sharing of knowledge and helpful information I’ve encountered here.


It’s the best place on the whole entire internet, seriously. Some of us have been crafing together for 15+years! New friends are always welcome with open arms and the encouragement & support is just lovely. There’s no BS, selling, snark (unless it’s a snarky project, lol), just friendship & sharing.

Keeping a record like this is so motivational! Check out @AIMR 's list from last year for example. Just seeing it all lined up like that is an amazing reminder of all you’ve accomplished. Often it’s way more than you thought!


I interrupt this normally scheduled programing to announce…it’s time to VOTE for our current challenges!!

Green Holiday Greens

Great Lettuce Craft Bake Off!

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I don’t know how I didn’t find you earlier!
I’ve been searching for a place just like this, and well, this year has started well for me, because here I am! :heart_eyes:
Oh, my!! the List - that’s all sorts of inspiring and motivational, and so, so awesome!
Thank you for sharing that.


It really is nice for looking back over your projects. You can set it up however you like, change it over time, etc. We all have our own style. For me, I like to make a topic in the relevant section first, such as a crocheted toy, for example. Then I add that project to my list here along with a link to the topic and a thumbnail image. If it was something I didn’t make a topic for I still add it with a thumbnail but no link. It can get a bit unweildy by the end of the year but I still like it for looking back.
Here’s my list from last year.

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